Ticks And Their Risks In Autumn

Ticks And Their Risks In Autumn

With the arrival of autumn, veterinarians have treatments to avoid some species of ticks found on fallen leaves in gardens, meadows and woods that dogs like to explore.

Bayer, in a statement, explains that these parasites can carry potentially dangerous pathogens that can be transmitted to the dog through the bite. A tick bite can lead to a fatal illness like ehrlichiosis, borreliosis, babesiosis or anaplasmosis (known as tick fever).

These diseases can be prevented by using products that eliminate ticks before settling on the animal. Veterinarians have treatments that are applied to the dog’s back and are used monthly (spot-on products) or collars that normally have a prolonged action.

Cláudio Mendão, business unit manager of the Companion Animals line at Bayer Saúde Animal, emphasizes that “it is important to make sure that the product not only kills the tick, but also repels it, or prevents it from ingesting blood” and adds : “Only in this way is the risk of transmission of the pathogen and the resulting disease minimized”.

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